Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone-national-park-588You can explore some of the interesting and strangest geological features in Yellowstone National Park. The huge volcanic base is the remains of a massive volcano that erupted many millions of  years ago. This is one of the places where you can see hot water and steam bubbling, hissing and gurgling as it explodes out of the earth.  It is possible to see geysers at several places in the world, but you can see more vigorously active geysers at Yellowstone National Park than any other location in the world.
Yellowstone National Park is the first ever park formed by United States Government in the year 1876 to conserve the natural beauty of this wonderful place. You can see the ranges of American native wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. You can see wild bison, deer, wolves, coyotes, wild elk, moose, eagles and bears in this park. It is not difficult to spot out these wild animals; you can normally see these animals while you travel by a car through the lovely scenery of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming along the borders of Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone is easily accessible from Jackson Wyoming, Cody Wyoming, Idaho Falls Idaho and Bozeman Montana. You can find airports in all of these places and reach the Park in few hours. But it is a must to have a car to enjoy all the attraction in the Park.
You can find the village of West Yellowstone at the western side of the park with a pleasant choice of accommodation, service stations, stores and restaurants. Gardiner, a small town on the northern entrance of Yellowstone offers some of these facilities as well. At the western side of the park you can visit restaurants, stores, and service stations.

Sightseeing is the key attraction in Yellowstone National Park. Once you enter into the park you must be careful on your driving, because other vehicles may be parked in the middle of the park to see the animals. It is quite usual to see wild elk grazing close to the road and oversize bison in the middle of the highway. Mostly the local wild animals are very friendly with the visitors and they no longer fear humans.
It is dangerous to approach the large bison though. You should be very careful during the visit, because Yellowstone National Park is not a zoo; it is just a park so the animals are not tamed.

The most famous geyser, known as “Old Faithful”, is there in front of the visitor’s center. It frequently erupts, roughly every 90 minutes. The park rangers regularly post the estimated eruption times for six or eight geysers that usually remain to preset cycles. To see more than a few geyser eruptions you have to wait with patience. You can find small boxes in the park filled with the interpretive leaflets for a 50-cent donation. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is the major attraction and it is an ideal place to take photographs and sight seeing.

Camping, hiking and backpacking are the other major attractions on Yellowstone National Park. You can find 100 miles of hiking trails through the forests, plains and mountains of Yellowstone. Most of the trails are prepared with wilderness camping shelters and backpackers.  Yellowstone Lake and Lewis Lake have boat launch ramps for boating. The Mammoth, Canyon Village and Tower Roosevelt Service Centers have riding stables where you can rent horses and participate in guided trail rides.

In the winter, Yellowstone Park becomes a wonderland of snow filled landscapes combined with boiling hot springs, columns of fluttering white vapors and river steaming waters. It is possible to see the strange and beautiful lands in the winter season, but it is difficult to drive a car there. Most of the roads in Yellowstone remain closed from November to March. In order to protect the fragile environment and the wildlife, the National Park Service strictly limits the number of visitors and the number of snow vehicles entering the park. So it is important to make prior reservation to visit the Yellowstone National Park in winter season.

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