Arches National Park

The Arches National Park is a famous red sandstone area with huge profusion. You can get a location map of the Arches National Park from the visitor center, containing all sizes of the park structures ranging from the 89 meter huge Arch to the smaller openings like one meter wide. It is possible to see many more outstanding rock structures sprinkled over the 73,000-acre park. You may have to spend several days to explore the entire beauty of this park.

It is just 20 miles south of I-70 and just north of Moab, the largest town in southern Utah. You can see lot of mountain bike shops and hotels in this town. You can consider the town as one of the uranium-mining industries hub.

The main path of the park scales up a vertical precipice containing numerous pointed summits where you can feel the wind breezing from side to side of the carved red rocks. The highway crosses Courthouse Towers and Park Avenue. The area is a plain landscape with some remote rock edges. It is possible to view the vistas in many movies like the recent Louise and Thelma. The Window Section concentrated more on the other creations including arches. They have their own name like Double Arch, Balanced Rock and Cove Arch. It is possible to see the entire area while traveling on the road.

You can reach the picturesque Delicate Arch by walking towards a little, credible hanging bridge that passes through soft uncovered silkrock and it is just a mile travel from Wolfe Ranch. Delicate Arch is the most celebrated arch in the park, it was accepted as the state sign also. You can see this symbol on the registration plates of Utah Centennial transport vehicles.

It is highly recommended that 4 wheel drive vehicles are utilized to visit this park, because the total area is occupied with profound sand with vertical position. The major area to be covered with a 4 wheel drive vehicle is Klondike Buffs, the most picturesque area of Arches, which fins to the northwestern side of the park. It is not so easy for hiking in this park as the temperature can reach nearly 110F, so plan accordingly.

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