Grand Canyon National Park

grand-canyon-588The Grand Canyon Nation Park located in Arizona is one of the world’s natural wonders and one of America’s top tourist attractions attracting nearly 5 million visitors a year. It is considered as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. You can simply take a breath taking view of the steep sided gorge, take a biking or hiking trip through the numerous trails in the canyon or even take guided tour where you will learn a great deal more about the Grand Canyon and it’s history.  Camping adventures are also available to those who are interested.

Here is a brief description of the Grand Canyon and it’s history:

The canyon was created over a 17 million year period by the natural erosion process of the Colorado River. It is situated within one of the country’s  first natural parks, the Grand Canyon National Park.  The canyon is approximately 277 miles long, and reaches depths as deep as 1 mile. The width of the canyon varies between four to eighteen miles. The layers of rock that are exposed in the canyon are like time stamps of a 2 billion year history of the Earth.

The canyon was once inhabited by Native Americans, where they would build their houses in the canyon and it’s numerous caves. The Pueblo people considered this a holy site and also made settlement in the canyon.

The Grand Canyon may not be the deepest canyon in the world, however, it is very well known for its awe-inspiring size as well as it’s intricate  and colorful landscape. The panoramic view from the rim it provide it’s visitors in unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Additional attractions and historical buildings along the Grand Canyon:

Along the South Rim, primarily in the Grand Canyon Village, you will find several historical buildings.  Buckey O’Neill Cabin, the El Tovar Hotel and the Grand Canyon Railway Depot are few noteworthy buildings found here.

The Buckey O’Neill Cabin, located in the south Rim is considered one of the longest continually standing structures here. It was built by William Owen O’Neill during the 1890’s. Currently, the cabin is used as a guest house for vacationers who want to visit the Grand Canyon.

The El Tovar Hotel  is considered to be the South Rim’s most luxurious lodge. This hotel, constructed in 1905 is 4 stories tall and was planned by Charles Whittlesley. You can find a gift shop and a restaurant inside this hotel.

Of the fourteen train stations ever built in the United States, the Grand Canyon Railway Depot is one of only three log-cabin-style railway depot existing today. It was constructed in 1909.

Other attractions include Lipan Point and Toroweap Overlook.  Lipan Point is a promontory or headland situated on the South Rim. By visiting in this place, you can have a great view of the Unkar Creek area in the inner canyon as well as the various rock strata in the area. Toroweap Overlook or Tuweep provides the most heart-stooping view of the canyon below. It is located 3,000 feet above the Colorado River. According to the National Park Service, this is the most remote in the country.

Recreational activities you can engage to

Other options you can do to have a more leisurely view of the canyon is through the Coconino Canyon Train, which is a ninety-minute train ride that start at the old Grand Canyon Depot in the Grand Canyon National Park and passes through 24 miles of the canyon’s landscape.

If you’re the more adventurous type, you can view the canyon in a more vertical perspective by going on board a small airplane or a helicopter. However, some scenic flights are not permitted if they fly within the 1,500 feet of the rim due to recent incidence of crash.

Aside from the usual sightseeing of the Grand Canyon, you can do a lot of recreational activities. Among the popular activities are hiking, running, whitewater rafting and camping. While you’re at the floor of the valley you can traverse it on the back of a mule, by foot or by raft from upriver.

Truly, the Grand Canyon is an impressive and must visited tourist attraction. If you haven’t visited the place yet, then it is about time for you to experience the excitement and the adventure of a lifetime.

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